Should museums be storytellers or truth-tellers?

Museum Questions

What do museums have to say about, or learn from, recent events in Charlottesville? Museum leaders and professionals have shared statements condemning and consoling, from their position as community leaders. Bloggers and professional organizations have also shared resources, as museums take on the role of educators. Thankfully but not surprisingly, museums and museum professionals are advocates tolerance and social justice. But museums are more than community leaders and educators – they are also the keepers and narrators of history.

What are the museum-specific questions that arise from the events in Charlottesville? One question is whether museums should become the repositories for statues of Confederate leaders. This question has been addressed by a number of museum leaders, art historiansart critics, and others.

Should this statue of a Confederate soldier be in a museum? Photo by Cculber007, via Wikimedia Commons In the larger picture – beyond Confederate statues, thinking…

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