We Can’t Outsource Empathy Part II: Qualities of the Empathetic Museum

the incluseum

The Incluseum has long-admired Gretchen Jennings’ writing and advocacy for the framework of the “empathetic museum.”  But what is the Empathetic Museum and how can that idea be applied to current discourse surrounding diversity and inclusion in museums?  This guest post is Part II of Jennings’ thoughtful two-part response to AAM’s newly released diversity and inclusion policy that we have recently highlighted on our blog.   Our goal is to keep the dialogue going about the policy and  creative paradigm shifts like the one elaborated on here by Jennings. We hope you will add your voice to this conversation as well! To read Part I of Jennings’ guest post click here.


PanoramaWShoes A sampling of the many pairs of running shoes left in Copley Square after the Boston Marathon Bombings in April, 2013. From “Dear Boston: Messages from the Marathon Memorial,” an exhibition created within one year by local museum professionals…

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